Informal Teaching Experience

I have a lifelong interest in environmental education; in fact, virtually all of my extensive experience working in an educational setting with school aged kids and others has been associated with natural history and environmental education. I have experience working in educational settings with volunteers, school aged children, and adults. I developed curriculum and taught biology classes for local 4-H clubs (including several year-long marine biology courses, a four-month course in frog life cycles, and many others). I have lead fieldtrips, talks, lessons and activities for San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District classes, the Junior High Nature Academy, the Boulder Creek Home School group, and the Cabrillo College Children’s Center. For several of these organizations I developed marine science curriculum and prepared written instructions for labs and activities for K-6 students, taught weekly classes (including labs and guided activities) and planned and led field trips .

I have also trained, scheduled and overseen the work of volunteers, students and employees as follows:  conducting my independent research in Costa Rica,docenting for the Santa Cruz County Fair , and teaching for community-oriented natural history classes, and speech/presentation classes. As a tutor for General Biology 20A and 20C, Cell and Molecular Biology, Genetics, Statistics, and Calculus11A, I worked with individual undergraduate students to develop study plans, viewed graded exams, labs and other student work products, led individual and group discussions (reviewing course material and clarifying concepts).

Work Descriptions:


I began teaching informal classes in 4-H, a great program that encourages individuality, cooperation, creativity, and public speaking skills. I have taught over one hundred classes on more than thirty different subjects. Ranging from "Teen Adventures" to "Marine Biology," my classes addressed a wide range of subject matter and covered a diversity of issues.

Nature Academy

The Nature Academy has a science-based curriculum which is committed to looking at the larger issues of natural/cultural world interactions. Students look at what is happening locally from an environmental, civic and cultural point of view and begin to make more meaningful connections about how things work. I have acted as a TA, classroom aid, supplementary lecturer and chaperone for the Nature Academy for many years. Traveling to Catalina Island for yearly trips, setting up native fresh and salt water aquariums and acting as a peer counselor for students has been a joy and a great learning opportunity for me.

Boulder Creek Elementary Homeschool

Boulder Creek Home School is designed for parents who want to home school their children with the help of a classroom teacher and school resources. The classroom program includes educational field trips, contracted services, and activities at the school site.

I was hired by Boulder Creek Homeschool to teach marine biology. I developed curriculum, planned field trips and taught weekly classes. As a class we focused on the sandy shore, the rocky shore, otters, elephant seals, and Elkhorn Slough. We combined these studies with trips -kayaking on Elkhorn Slough to see birds and otters, an Ano Nuevo hike to the elephant seals, tide pooling north of Santa Cruz, a voyage on the O'Neill Sea Odyssey, and two nights at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

Cabrillo College Children's Center

While pursuing an AS in early childhood education, I worked for the Cabrillo College Children's Center. I worked 30 plus hours a week as an intern in the one's and four year old classrooms and acted as a substitute for the two's and three's classrooms. As apart of this program, I planned curriculum, organized parent meetings, prepared circle time activities, performed overview and primary care.

The Cabrillo College Children's Center brings families, teachers and children together from a wide range of cultures, family styles and traditions. The program is carefully planned around the developmental needs of each child. Teachers encourage, and provide children with many opportunities to practice social, co-operational and mutual problem solving skills.


As an undergraduate at Cabrillo College and the University of Santa Cruz California, I tutored students in a range of classes: Philosophy (2003) General Chemistry (2004), Bio20A and 20C (2004-2005), Statistics (2006), and Genetics (2006).

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