Letters of Recommendation

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."
-- William Arthur Ward

Below are letters of recommendation from some of my most inspiring teachers. Access to full length letters are available through each PDF. For additional information regarding each individual’s background and experience use the photo links.

Baldo Marinovic

"Rose is undoubtedly one of the best students I have had here at UCSC over my teaching tenure which has spanned 13 years and included over 2000 students. She is clearly extremely strong academically, but more importantly she also demonstrates three other fundamental qualities necessary for a career in science: a keen ability to conduct critical thinking, motivation and maturity to follow through on her interests, and a deep and enduring passion for biological science."


Don Croll

"Rose was an excellent contributor to the course, and one of the top students. She was positive and inquisitive. She had a good humor and worked very well with others in her group, often becoming group leader and in taking research to the next level. She was committed to doing good work in spite of the difficulties in conducting field research. The sophistication and depth of Rose's work improved throughout the quarter, as did her writing skills. She often volunteered for additional field work and was always very supportive of her peers. I was particularly impressed with the effort and seriousness with which she undertook data analysis in her research projects, seeking new analytical methods very independently. She is very bright and capable. As Rose's experience expands, so will her abilities and confidence. Rose will be a positive addition to future field research projects."

John Carothers

"Rose shows a very high level of maturity and great ability to interact with people from all walks of life. She is well-liked by her fellow students as well as everyone in my department. I would count myself lucky to have her as a field assistant or graduate student..."

Cheryl Barkey


Carter Milhous

“Rose brings initiative, caring, perseverance, flexibility and cooperation to whatever setting she is in. Her determination, perseverance, integrity and responsibility are not only evident to me but are a model for all around her. While Rose is proud to do well in any pursuit and remains focused and positive in all she undertakes, the most remarkable aspect of her personality is her clarity about who she is and what she demands of herself and others.”

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